SubQuantum Kinetics โ€“ The Key To Overunity

Any time anyone begins to speak in terms of free energy or perpetual motion machines, skeptics are quick to point out the law of conservation of energy. The reason these devices cannot exist and cannot be made to work, they insist, is because they run counter to the physical laws of the universe. The presence of friction always reduces the energy of a body in motion, and as such, you can never end up with more energy than you put in. You always end up with less.

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How to Build a Portable Solar Powered Generator

In these times of global warming and climate change harnessing a renewable and non polluting source of energy seems like the right thing to do. A portable solar powered generator helps one do just that. Manufacturing electricity has to be one of the most bothersome things that man has to do to make life comfortable. It requires one to burn coal and gas, dam rivers, build nuclear reactors and what not.

Portable Solar Power Station
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Step By Step Building The Top Magnetic Generator Videos

The following videos show a step by step how to build the magnet generator project, the videos were embedded from Mr. Reinhard Wirth Youtube Channel.

Video # 1 – Preparing the Magnet Rotor Plate

The Magnetic Energy Generator is based on 2 metal Magnet Rotor Disks made of steel.
On this disk there are already drilled four holes + 1 in the center.
These holes are required to mount the rotor to the hub.
Draw two lines connecting two opposite holes and then add two more lines, going through the central hole.
This way you will divide the disk into eight equal parts.
Next you’ll need to draw an inner circle on the disk.
Next, drill 8 holes in the disk each in exact same distance from each other.
Finally for this stage, you need to use screw-tap to tap the holes.

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Free Energy Generator

Free Energy Generator - Tesla

When it comes to the term ‘free energy generator’ I always see the free energy magnetic generator as the preferred option. I also show how to build the magnetic generator step by step using 4 videos. While this may be true (as my conclusion at the end here). I believe that ‘free energy’ means: any source of natural power, that can be harnessed in order to produce energy, mainly in the form of electricity, and the generator part of this term is simply how this source of energy generates it.

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The Willis Generator Review

I must say how highly disappointed I was after purchasing and viewing the so-called plans and blueprints for the Willis Generator today. I based my decision completely on the endorsements I found online; as an engineer and the fact that many declared that they had built it themselves, based upon the plans from the willis generator website.

I am experimenting with alternative methods of producing power for many years so far. I am an electrical specialist engineer (30+ years); My dad worked for Motorola and Zenith and was a Professor of Electronics at the Denver University for 27 years… so i grew up eating transistors…

To my disappointment – the website is one of those pervasive teaser-ad sites which tries to keep you from exiting and the document which I bought – is a hodge-podge of various old CAD drawings or worse; with nearly useless captions; no consolidated parts list; no true electrical schematic; no recommended part numbers from notable suppliers; and whomever wrote the text should have their high school diploma revoked for lack of grammar and spelling. It is a canard.
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How to Build a Homemade Thermoelectric Generator

A thermoelectric generator uses the concept of difference in temperature between two materials to create electricity. So could this technology be adapted to make a thermoelectric generator at home? As a matter of fact one can quite easily, though the efficiency of such a generator is no going to be terribly high, it certainly can be put to practical use – Here is where you can buy small scale Thermoelectric Generator.

Moreover improvement in technology has addressed this problem to some extent. Peltier units are a thermoelectric material that help transform the difference in temperature into electricity. These are increasingly being used by the automobile industry to recover some of the heat lost by the engine and channel the power to the battery.

Thermoelectric Generator Diagram

Thermoelectric Generator Diagram

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