Step By Step Building The Top Magnetic Generator Videos

The following videos show a step by step how to build the project, the videos were embedded from Mr. Reinhard Wirth Youtube Channel.

Video # 1 – Preparing the Magnet Rotor Plate

The Magnetic Energy Generator is based on 2 metal Magnet Rotor Disks made of steel.
On this disk there are already drilled four holes + 1 in the center.
These holes are required to mount the rotor to the hub.
Draw two lines connecting two opposite holes and then add two more lines, going through the central hole.
This way you will divide the disk into eight equal parts.
Next you’ll need to draw an inner circle on the disk.
Next, drill 8 holes in the disk each in exact same distance from each other.
Finally for this stage, you need to use screw-tap to tap the holes.

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Perpetual Motion Generator

Perpetual Motion Generator has captures the imagination of many people for a long time, looking for the possibility that we might sometime in the near future we’ll be able to generate free energy from machines like that has become sort of a myth.

The law of relativity states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but it is only transferred from one to another, so this is in itself may contradict any possibility for building a perpetual motion generator.

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Magnetic Power Generator for Your Home

Magnetic Power Generator to Power your HomeEverywhere we look and just about everything we read today, on magnetic power generators as alternative energy sources and renewable energy, is scattered with thoughts on ways to reduce the stress on our natural resources, increase efficiency and save money on power consumption.
Conserving those resources now will ensure that we still have them available for years to come.

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Free Energy Generator

Free Energy Generator - Lightning

When it comes to the term ‘free energy generator’ I always see the magnetic generator as the preferred option for a free energy. I also show how to build the magnetic generator step by step using 4 videos. While this may be true (as my conclusion at the end here). I believe that the term ‘free energy’ means: any source of natural power, that can be harnessed in order to produce energy, mainly in the form of electricity, and the generator part of this term is simply how this source of energy generates it.

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Permanent Magnet Generator and Wind Turbine

Homemade Permanent Magnet Generator
Although the concept of generating electricity from magnetic energy is dated back to centuries ago. It is only now, with the advent of technology, that it has become so simple and easy to implement and build a permanent magnet motor. People are even developing Permanent Magnet Generator at home.
But along with it, has also surfaced an equally old debate of using other resources like wind power against the magnetic power.

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Magnetic Motor Generator Controversy

The free energy magnet motor is the subject of much controversy these days. On the one hand it could offer a solution to the pollution comes from materials such as oil and coal. But on the other hand, there are those who claim that the concept violates the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, implies that such a perpetual motion machine cannot exist.

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