The Search for the Free Energy Generator

It appears to me that many people are searching for the free energy generator, there are growing evidence all over the web of people that build such generator and although many are skeptical about it.
I encourage you not to trust the so called scientist with their claims about it breaking the second law of thermodynamics, and many other claims about the friction that is actually the transformation of the magnets to energy, Even Nikola Tesla Generated Electricity from Air.

Free Energy Generator Trends

The hard evidence are out there, as you can see in the chart below, the trend of searching online for the Free Energy Generator is growing. As more and more evidence around the world suggests that this cutting edge technology is coming closer to being commercially available by many entrepreneurs that using the magnets in different setups to build free energy generators.

It is evident that the search for the free energy generator is on the rise, and you can see how sharply it rose in recent years. there was little to none interest in this kind of generator in the past, but since 2007 with high oil prices the public started to get more and more interested in magnetic power generators and many investors jumped on the wagon, it is just a matter of time until we’ll see a commercial production line of these generators.

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