The Willis Generator Review

I must say how highly disappointed I was after purchasing and viewing the so-called plans and blueprints for the Willis Generator today.
I based my decision completely on the endorsements I found online; as an engineer and the fact that many declared that they had built it themselves, based upon the plans from the willis generator website.

Willis Generator Review

I am experimenting with alternative methods of producing power for many years so far. I am an electrical specialist engineer (30+ years); My dad worked for Motorola and Zenith and was a Professor of Electronics at the Denver University for 27 years… so i grew up eating transistors…

To my disappointment – the website is one of those pervasive teaser-ad sites which tries to keep you from exiting and the document which I bought – is a hodge-podge of various old CAD drawings or worse; with nearly useless captions; no consolidated parts list; no true electrical schematic; no recommended part numbers from notable suppliers; and whomever wrote the text should have their high school diploma revoked for lack of grammar and spelling. It is a canard.

On their website when they say, that even an average person willing to invest the time could actually build the willis generator – Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact an average person could not even figure out where to source these parts.
Further – the teaser ad says that this free energy generator can be built for about $50! The 12 inch copper cylinder alone will cost that much. Further: the image they provide of a generator and motor connected by a pulley system adjacent to their recommendation and the link BEAR NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER to the Willis Generator beast.

Then there is the so-called limitation to only operate vertically and not horizontally… well crap – it has no upper bearings and the notion of using sleeve bearings instead of roller bearings for a long term high revolution and torque application is; from an engineering perspective – absurd!

The Willis Generator Plans

Then there is the issue of the drawings going back and forth between showing a double stacked rotor and a single rotor; but the so-called plan never resolves the discrepancy; and it is beyond me how the thing; without perfect balancing to the micrograms; would not wobble out of its platform… crashing into the stator coils…

I expected to be purchasing an engineer’s description of a product I could build (even old Heathkit plans beat this by a mile) but this is like a child’s drawing with a few tech terms in it… to impress idiots. It is written like some low-brow looked at it and tried their limited best to take notes about some apparatus that was way over their head.

There is more left out of the plans than included. There are no anticipated measurements of current, voltage, resistance, inductance or flux that an engineer of moderate competence could use to verify or tweak his work while in-process.

My Conclusion on the Willis Free Energy Generator

Whoever read this be – I do not recommend to anyone the willis generator, You would be much better picking one of the 2 plans I review in the home page of this website;

Click the following link to read it: Free Energy Generator

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