John RichardHi, my name is John Richard, and on this website I am going to cover a new and exiting way of creating electricity to power your home for free. This method is using magnetic energy created by magnets propelling each other by using their natural forces exist already inside of them.
This website is packed with information as well as many articles about free energy devices.

Here’s a brief description of my work:

I’m an Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of field experience. I have installed electric turbines both for local and national electric power plants, many of them across Europe and the majority here in the US.

In the past 7 years I’ve been working specifically on Renewable Energy power plants. I advise on national green energy projects such as solar farms, wind turbine energy farms as well as geothermal plants.

In order to contact me, on any matter, please use the contact page on this site.

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