Permanent Magnet Generator and Wind Turbine

Although the concept of generating electricity from magnetic energy is dated back centuries ago, it is only now, with the advent of technology, that it has become so simple and easy to implement and build a permanent magnet motor. People are even developing Permanent Magnet Generator at home.
But along with it, it has also surfaced an equally old debate of using other resources like wind power against magnetic power.

Wind Technology Free Energy

Comparing to the Permanent Magnet Generator

Here, we will discuss different aspects of these energy resources and look at which one is better- a magnetic generator or a wind turbine.

  • Reliability – The wind is not always available. There are times when powerful winds do not blow, and as a result, the wind turbine does not work effectively. On the other hand, a magnetic generator works perpetually, producing electricity non-stop.
  • Input – Wind turbine requires wind energy as an input for its proper functioning. Permanent magnetic generators do not require any resources and hence are completely hassle-free.
  • Installation and placement – Installing a wind turbine is a task in itself. If you plan to set it up in the home, you need to find a separate place where the wind is abundant. They need to be placed in the open area where they are subjected to harsh weather conditions. The magnetic generators are easy to install and can be set in any part of the home porch or even inside.
  • Size and portability – Wind turbines are huge in size, and they need to be attached to the ground. Permanent Magnet Generator, on the other hand, is compact and portable to a certain extent. They provide you the flexibility of moving and using them anywhere.
  • Construction – Building a magnetic power system is tougher than putting together a wind power generator. The technicalities related to putting together magnet sets and their alignment take more effort in terms of precision, and you’ll need certain tools and plans to help you with building the magnetic generator.
  • Maintenance – Magnetic systems are easier to maintain. They do not require any input; they can be placed in a safe environment where there is no weathering and no major wear and tear. Wind turbines require frequent care and operational checks to keep them in working order. There are more chances of wear and tear.

Both systems do not emit any harmful gases, so they are safe for the environment and are perfect renewable energy resources to tackle the crisis. We hope that this discussion on Permanent Magnet Generator vs. wind turbine will clear all the doubts in your mind, and you will choose the best alternative for producing power for your home.

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