Free Energy Generator – Don’t Overlook The Stirling Engine

Free energy generators can take many forms, and one of the great, liberating things about building your own magnetic generator to provide power to your home is that, freed from the burden of electricity bills, it gives you resources to experiment with other exciting forms of power generation. Let’s face it, when it comes to power generation, there’s really no such thing as too much, and there are a number of viable ways of generating power for various parts and subsystems of your home. Plus, once you get bitten by the free energy bug, it can become a bit of an addiction! You’ll find yourself wanting to experiment and see just how many forms of free energy you can generate. One option that’s well worth your time to explore is the Stirling Engine.

What Is A Stirling Engine, Anyway?

The best way to describe the engine is that it is an external combustion engine. It doesn’t provide free energy in the same way that other devices do, but it’s still “free” in the sense that a Stirling Engine can be powered by any readily available material you can burn. If you live in a house with a wooded lot, you can recycle downed limbs or selectively harvest trees to provide fuel. Given that those are renewable resources, it amounts to the same thing.

Because the Stirling operates by way of external combustion, most likely, you’ll want to build it so that the fuel chamber is outside your home and the actual engine is inside, or, build the entire unit outside and just construct a nice housing for the engine itself, with an easy access port to the fuel area. Mechanically, besides the fact that the fuel source is external to the engine, it works in every other respect, like an internal combustion engine. The great thing about Stirlilng Engines is the fact that they’re so versatile. Anything that will burn can be used as a fuel source, from the aforementioned tree limbs to cardboard boxes, free shipping pallets, chopped and burned, or pretty much anything else. A simple device, yes, but a powerful addition to your home energy generation system.

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