Magnetic Power Generator for Your Home

Everywhere we look and just about everything we read today, on magnetic power generators as alternative energy sources and renewable energy, is scattered with thoughts on ways to reduce the stress on our natural resources, increase efficiency and save money on power consumption.
Conserving those resources now will ensure that we still have them available for years to come.

If you could power your home with a magnetic power generator that will have a return on the investment in less than a couple of months, show immediate results in the form of lower electric bills, I am sure that would interest you, right? Well, keep reading. I have some information that you want to know about.

Magnetic power generators have been the topic of much debate in both the world of consumers and the energy world. The power companies do not want you to know that they do work and save you money.

Why – you ask?

Because if everyone knew that magnetic power generator motors not only work, that they save you tons of money every month on electric bills by using this kind of generator to power your home, they would lose billions of dollars in revenues, just try to remember, that about 30 years ago, we had an electric vehicle that was powered by battery –

It was the EV1 – by General Motors, can you guess who bought the patents on the battery that powered the electric motor in it? an oil-company called Chevron, and for many years they never allowed any car company to use this patented technology of producing high power, the high voltage from a relatively small form factor of battery (you can check this on Wikipedia).

For testing which magnetic power generator can power your house, most people do not have the knowledge, expertise, or even the ‘know-how’ to tell the difference between something logical and that, which is just another all too prevalent gimmick to get your money.

For the majority of the population, people will be more than willing to invest in a magnetic power generator, that:

  • Is relatively affordable in comparison to the return on their investment.
  • Has diagrams and instructions that the average person with basic mechanical skills can follow.
  • Has actually been proven to work.

You are in luck- the research has already been completed on 25 magnetic power generators that claim to do all of the above.

I have invested considerable time and money into the research of various magnet motors that claim to be affordable and able to power your home, with easy-to-understand instructions and that the average guy can build or install, and also that has been proven to work.

Some of the products in which I tested only resulted in money spent, just like the example of the Willis Generator.

The directions were not that which the average person without an electrical engineering degree would even be able to get past the first paragraph. Yet, I did find one product that met all of the above requirements.

The product, which is ingenious and well worth the investment, simply called the ‘Fuelless Generator’. Out of all the magnetic motors that I tested, The Fuelless Magnetic Power Generator is the best magnetic generator product that I found.

I based this on its value, easy to build and install!
You do not have to have any in-depth electrical knowledge (outside of the basics). It really does produce enough electricity to power your home, resulting in a lower electric bill. It is also a viable option for Going-Green!

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