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Free Energy Generator - Tesla

When it comes to the term ‘free energy generator’ I always see the free energy magnetic generator as the preferred option. I also show how to build the magnetic generator step by step using 4 videos. While this may be true (as my conclusion at the end here). I believe that ‘free energy’ means: any source of natural power, that can be harnessed in order to produce energy, mainly in the form of electricity, and the generator part of this term is simply how this source of energy generates it.

What are the sources of free energy?

So let’s just check what kind of sources of ‘free energy’ exist on our planet, here is a list I made in order to make the whole concept clearer, as a side note I have to say that some of these forces of energy are external to earth, some occur naturally and some of them need science manipulation in order to extract them:

  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Nuclear
  • Wind
  • Sun Light
  • Tidal-Waves
  • Geo-Thermo
  • Hydro
  • Magnetism

Each energy source of the list above can be argued as ‘free energy generator’, although each and every one of these sources is not free at all…

What is the cost of generating free energy

Let me explain this in simple words, there is no free lunch here. We are all well aware that energy coming from Oil, power our cars and let us move around from place to place very fast. But we pay a the price for it, aside from paying for it in the gas station! – it pollute our surrounding and in the cities all around the world you almost can’t breath normally.

Other power sources such as Coal and Nuclear are used in plats that most of the time are outside of the cities, but are still hazardous plants, that either pollute the atmosphere with carbon or can be dangerous in case something goes wrong, and we have a good example for it form Japan when the earth quick hit and the Nuclear plant of Fukushima exploded and sent radiation all over the world.

The least known Free Energy Generator

Now let’s get to the least known force of nature: Magnetism.
In this website I have built a free energy generator that can power a house.
I followed a simple methods described in 2 eBooks.
I have downloaded the free energy generator plans from the Internet.
It is very simple step by step with blueprints, diagrams and even videos that shows you exactly how to build the free energy magnet generator and where to get the parts needed to build it.

Free Energy Generator

– If you want to see how to build a free energy generator…
Simply click the following Link:
Free Energy Generator Plans.


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  1. DB says:

    It seems that XPRIZE foundation is considering a 20 million dollar prize for “Forbidden Energy”.

    Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion is mentioned as examples of what Forbidden Energy could relate to

    Is the ZPE community speaking about that?