Perpetual Motion Generator

Perpetual Motion Generator has captures the imagination of many people for a long time, looking for the possibility that we might sometime in the near future we’ll be able to generate free energy from machines like that has become a sort of a myth.

The law of relativity states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but it is only transferred from one to another, so this is in itself may contradict any possibility for building a perpetual motion generator.

Perpetual motion is created when a device continually moves without stopping and without any outside assistance. The continuous efforts between inventors, engineers, and scientists in recent years have meant that huge advancements have been made in this particular field of alternative technology.

Perpetual Motion Generator Concept

The magnetic generator concept is based on the perpetual motion created by magnetism power. Magnets are able to cause this continuous motion due to their inherent power and the fact about magnets that they have an ability to repel each other (Magnet north pole will repel other magnet’s north pole). The power that is created by rotating permanent magnets that are placed in specific positions is the base of building a magnetic generator.

Perpetual Motion Generator belong to the next generation of power devices that do not need fuel in order to function and will operate in any weather, unlike solar and wind that are weather dependent.

Many perpetual motion motors are actually powered by permanent magnets. We all know that magnets have a distinct quality of attracting and repelling other magnets. They have internal sources of energy and they do not need to be recharged, only an extreme heat can destroy the power of a magnet.

Magnetic perpetual motion generator will be able to have an unlimited source of energy until that the magnets force will end. The good news is that magnets can last up to 3-4 hundred years.

As alternative companies and scientists enter this field, the perpetual motion generator will be a technological and commercial breakthrough with regards to alternative energy in the next 2-5 years, this source of free energy will be affordable to many and once it will be commercially available it would be very cheap.

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