Facts About Magnets

Magnetic Generators use the power of magnets, so I am writing this post – Facts about Magnets – as I realize that many lack of the knowledge about magnets, how they work, what is their source of power and how the Magnets are used by Generators.

  1. The magnetic field is invisible.
  2. Magnets attract materials such as iron, steel, nickel and cobalt. some of the strong ones can hold up a car in the air.
  3. Magnets have two poles, North Pole and South Pole.
  4. The North Pole of a Magnet will attract only South Pole of other Magnet and it will repel other magnet’s North Pole.
  5. When you heat a magnet it can loose its magnetism force.
  6. Magnet Facts

  7. If you coil an iron and run electricity through the coil, the iron will act as a magnet.
  8. Compass is a very delicate instruments and yet they can detects the earth magnetic field (which is different than the north pole of earth), the magnetic compass was used hundreds of years ago by Chinese sailors.
  9. You can make a new magnet by rubbing a magnet on an iron in the same direction of the magnet.
  10. Speakers in your stereo system use a permanent magnet to convert electric power into mechanical energy which is the movement of the paper in the speaker which creates the sound.
  11. The way a generator produce electricity is by converting the mechanical energy of the motor by moving a conductor through a magnetic field.


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