Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator

The Tesla Generator is a device that gets its power from the static electricity, that is the air.
First, let’s understand what is exactly the electricity that is in the air around us.

The basic example is when you rub wool clothing with your hands, you get static electricity that maybe sometimes uncomfortable, but not harmful.

Electric Charge will be discharged from your hand to a metal object you touch because it acts as a negative to the excess positive electricity that was build on the wool cloth and was transferred to your body.

Static Electricity Discharge

Lightning - Electricity from Air
The second known Electricity from Air, is the form all of us have seen in our life
– it is Lightning…

Lightning is a discharge of electricity that is made by the contact of ice particles that are in storm clouds.

Scientists cannot yet harness the Lightning power and store it for later use, because of the enormous amount of electricity that is discharged.

In-between Lightning and Static-Electricity, is the Tesla Generator that Harness Electricity from Air.

Tesla was an Inventor (Electrical and Mechanical Engineer) who practically invented the AC Power – Which is the Electricity System as we know it today.
Among his many inventions is the Wireless Energy Transfer, which is precisely the free energy system behind the Tesla Generator as many people call it.

There are some iconic personalities in the world who, in their lifetimes, have created inventions that have become game-changers to say. One such individual is Nikola Tesla who, as we know, was instrumental in inventing alternating current or AC supply systems.

However, this was just one invention for which he was famous. Not many of us might be aware that Nikola Tesla was a futurist and was ready to look beyond the obvious. This perhaps was the reason why he had started the extraordinary journey, which almost resulted in Nikola Tesla’s free energy generator becoming a reality.

Tesla was born in times where radical and futuristic thinking were even considered blasphemy. We will look at his futuristic thought of generating energy from the air and how in today’s world, it is not only technically possible but also feasible.

Tesla Generator Electricity from Air

What Is Free Energy All About

It was certainly the genius of Tesla at work when he was able to patent the invention by which it is possible someday to generate free energy from the cosmos.

While theoretically and practically, this is possible, Tesla was hamstrung because of various reasons. First and foremost, he lived and worked in times when such radical thoughts would not only have invited ridicule but would also have met with stiff resistance.

Credit should go to Tesla because he was able to weather the storm and get a patent for his famous QEG theory. What this patent is all about, and what is the science behind it? Let us try and understand it on a basic level.

What Is The Quantum Energy Generator

When we talk about free energy generators as envisioned by Tesla, we have to have some basic understanding of QEG or Quantum Energy Generator.

An Average household would require around 5 to 10 KW of power to run their home and get off the grid.

When we talk about conventional generators, they need to consume around 15 KW of energy to produce 10 KW of power. Further, they use scarce fossil fuels like gas, coals, and other such power generating agents.

They are rare, and the day is not far off when the world will run completely dry of them. Since they are metered, they become a commercial product filling the coffers of certain individuals, corporations, and entities. This is where the role of QEG could come into play.

Introducing the Resonance Machine

The Resonance Machine is an energy generator invented and patented by Tesla and works by using the QEG theory.

This device requires only 1 kW of input power for producing 10 kW of output power.

This invention and patent are out there in the public domain for all to see.

Technology has moved on, and today it is very much possible to make this a reality and start using it on a mass scale.

The best thing about this technology is that it perhaps can be made available to the world for free. It has a uniform template that can be replicated and put to use by engineers in any part of the world.

How It Works

It is about identifying a power source which could be a crank that could power the 1 HP motor.

The motor starts spinning the rotor located in the generator core.

It comes with the oscillator circuitry has a unique configuration, and this results in resonance. Once the resonance reaches the threshold limit or achieves the critical speed, it has the capability of producing 10 KW of power.

The power so generated can be distributed to the household with the help of an inverter.

The motor can be unplugged from the original power source, and the generator will start working on its own.

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Future Inventions

Though there could be many skeptics and nay-sayers who may pooh-pooh this idea even today, ever since the release of QEG, there are many reasons to believe that it could be the way forward.

It needs a lot of educating the mind of thousands of people. They should believe that this is possible because many consider this just to be a hoax.

They even question the veracity and accuracy of the videos which are being used to promote this brilliant idea.

The Future of Free Energy Generators

With world energy demand growing at a rapid pace, there is no other option but to look for alternative and renewable sources of energy.

There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla’s free energy generator could well be the answer provided; it is given the importance it deserves from those who are at the helm of affairs.

As mentioned above, Tesla was born in completely different times. Money was a big problem, and he had no one to fund his ideas.

Further technology has also moved forward quite rapidly.

Today we have much better conductors of electricity. We have to bear in mind that Tesla got this invention patented using copper, and the world has moved forward since then.

The engineering world has also seen a lot of positive changes, and marrying these changes with the core concept of Tesla would certainly make this become a dream come true in the none too distant future.

The Technical Issues Which Need To Be Sorted Out

There are some problems with the Tesla generator which need to be sorted out for it to give the desired results. The generator is not able to maintain the power generated for a long time.

This is because the electrical energy induction is weak, and the resistance of the conductor or the disk would dissipate it. Hence a conventional arrangement may not be the answer.

Some experts believe that modifying the dynamo model could certainly help. If we look back a few decades, we would perhaps remember how the simple bicycle while in motion could light the headlight and the taillights.

The same technology could probably be used by which making the generator spin at an optimum level so that the power generator is more than the resistance that is offered by the conductor.

If this problem is solved, it would perhaps be able to overcome the stumbling block as far as this technology is concerned.

In fine, there is no denying the fact that the time for this form of energy generation has come through Tesla might have thought about it perhaps more than a century ago. It is the way for the future.

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