The Problem with Existing Knowledge

When attempting to engage in any discussion about Zero Point Energy, the discussion will find its way back to quantum physics.
This is a necessity because whether you are trying to create a free energy generator or simply debate the possibility of a zero-sum energy universe, the energy that exists in the quantum universe cannot be excluded.

But when considering the possibilities of over-unity devices, the question must be asked what have we done with the accumulated knowledge of quantum physics over the last 100 years.
Currently, there are quantum computers in the development stages, and there is little doubt the power they will possess will far exceed the computing power we have available today.
But to maximize the potential of a quantum computer, there will have to be quantum computer programmers. In other words, there will have to be people who understand the science to apply it properly.

In over unity, the current science is that it is an impossible concept based on existing mathematical models. But considering the science is less than 100 years old, and we have only been able to apply existing mathematical and scientific knowledge to the problem, it does not seem to make sense to abandon the idea.

There is a reason for taking this position that is consistent with the new field of quantum computing. If quantum computing can do what its creators say is possible, then it is logical that a new world to quantum physics would open up and unveil new over-unity theory possibilities.

But as long as we choose to limit ourselves to existing knowledge and technology in the pursuit of an energy source that has the potential to change the way we live, we will accept the results of our own limitations. Nicolas Tesla did not see the limitations of his imagination but imagined what was once unthinkable. His ideas are now becoming more closely examined to discover their potential for answers to the world’s problems. We should learn from our history.

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