The Magnetic Power Generator History

Magnetic Power GeneratorThe concept of Magnetic Power Generator is as old as the late 1600s. Right from Newton to Albert Einstein, all major scientists have tried to explore this field. In 1821, Hans Christian, a Denmark based scientist noticed that when he placed a compass near the electricity flow, the needle always moved and it formed the basis of further studies. But the first major invention happened in the year 1874 when Wesley Gary created self-powered magnetic motor. He completely defied the logic and came up with the idea that changed the way world perceived magnetism. He registered his first patent in 1877.

A German inventor by the name of Hans Coler in the year 1925 actually produced electricity from his motor based on magnetic force. While working for the German army, Coler took his experiment to the next level and produced about 6 KW of electricity by using simple battery during the war. The Hitler regime was so impressed by the idea that they decided to fund the project of Magnetic Power Generator on large scale. After the World war, this information was then shared with the British rulers.

In 1946, the real attempts to develop magnetic generator started. A boy named John RR Searl developed such objects that flew without any external source and he was so motivated to make this energy available to all that he even convinced many companies to support him with their facility and magnetic engineers. In the U.S., the first patents were issued in the 1970s and 80s.

The technology has improved by leaps and bounds since then and this field has progressed from zero point magnetic power generators to motionless magnetic generators. The U.S. patent for motionless generators was awarded in March, 2002.

This energy resource that has never been as widely commercialized as now is known as Zero Point field. And a generator based on this concept works itself without any breaks and hence can provide a power of all your daily electricity requirements. As per experts, this is the future of power and magnetic energy is a perfect energy resource for tomorrow because it produces free energy without any inputs.

The major hurdle in adopting this source of energy universally is that currently there is no system in place for moderating and regulating it. And this idea is still being suppressed by major giants because it is bound to hand over power in the hands of users rather than today’s providers. This concept needs a proper platform and complete support from the administration to find its real-time application. Magnetic Power Generators are the most powerful alternative energy utilizing devices and are leading us to a safe and happy future.

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