Permanent Magnet Generator Project

It has been discovered that there is a permanent magnet generator project set to take hold and has been registered in Shenzhen, China. If there is a country in need of a viable and efficient source of power, it is the country of China. With over one third of the world’s population, and continuing to be an economic powerhouse on the international scene, the ability to produce energy on a large scale with a minimum of pollution for its future is critical.

It in worth noting that while the stabilized Western nations continue to act cautiously and conservatively when it comes to researching new sources of energy, up and coming countries such as Chine are willing to think out of the box and look into the concepts of zero point energy and the advantages of unity. Though a communist government, China realizes that creating a beneficial working and living environment for its people only insures its economic power into the future. There are few practical world models of generating power on the scale China needs to in order to remain competitive.

What is even more beneficial to the project is that it is being jointly researched by Guizhou University, so that instead of simply being an industrial venture, it combines the scientific and engineering minds of the best university students. In the pursuit of new ideas and searching for a viable long term solution for its country’s growth, China needs to be visionary.

What also needs to be considered is the cyber espionage that China is accused of engaging in from time to time. In combination with the research of other countries, China may be setting itself up to market this newly developed technology globally, making it the number one exporter of energy technology in the world. While often China is seen as a military threat, the successful completion of a sizeable magnetic generator plant will have a greater impact on the influence and power it can wield worldwide.


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