Climate Change Energy Alternatives

Accepting Reality

It is amazing that there are so many people, particularly environmentalists, who acknowledge the dangers of climate change. The number of scoffers decreases by the day. Yet these same people look to energy technology that is decades old. Solar power, wind power, and even nuclear fusion have been considered as power sources to replace hydrocarbon based fuels. Yet each of these has their problems when going from the theoretical to the practical.


The over unity theory has been kicked around for longer than these environmentally saving proposed alternatives, but largely ignored. The question is why? The answer may be more than simple corporate greed or a conspiracy theory.

Denying History

The Information Age with all its technological advances has been applying existing knowledge of physics and electromagnetics in the search for a more efficient and environmentally safe form of energy production. But a look at history shows that in many cases inventions and discoveries were created before the underlying principles were fully understood. In other words, the inventions worked based on existing knowledge but the complete science was understood years later.

For example, a discoverer jumps in a ship and sails west with the scientific knowledge of the time being that the world is flat and the ship will go over the edge. If they had known Euclidean Geometry they would have been able to calculate the curvature of the Earth and horizon, and arrive at the conclusion the Earth was not flat.

Why Not Free Energy Generators?

Undoubtedly man has produced more knowledge about his world and the universe he exists than any other time in history. But like those who preceded today’s scientists, they were basing their conclusions on the knowledge of the time. When it comes to Overunity and Free Energy generators, there is so much we do not know, yet there is a hesitance to explore that which we are not certain of.

If we are going to free ourselves from our current limitations to solve the energy and climate change challenges, we will need to lean more towards what is possible and less on what we believe we know to be the answer. The idea of Zero Point Energy may be ignored or even ridiculed, but more than a few people dared to demonstrate what seemed impossible is indeed possible.

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