Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator

The Tesla Generator is a device that gets its power
from the static electricity, that is the air.
First, let’s understand what is exactly the electricity that is in the air around us…

Static Electricity Discharge

The basic example is when you rub wool clothing with your hands, you get static electricity, that may be sometimes uncomfortable, but not harmful.
Electric Charge will be discharged from your hand to a metal object you touch because it acts as a negative to the excess positive electricity that was build on the wool cloth and was transferred to your body.

Lightning - Electricity from AirThe second known Electricity from Air, is the form all of us have seen in our life – it is Lightning…
Lightning is a discharge of electricity that is made by the contact of ice particles that are in storm clouds.
Scientists cannot yet harness the Lightning power and store it for later use, because of the enormous amount of electricity that is discharged.

Tesla Generator Electricity from Air
In-between Lightning and Static-Electricity, is the Tesla Generator that Harness Electricity from Air.

Tesla was an Inventor (Electrical and Mechanical Engineer) who practically invented the AC Power – Which is the Electricity System as we know it today.

Among of his many inventions is the Wireless Energy Transfer which is precisely the free energy system behind the Tesla Generator as many people call it.

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